AWD Pro & Shredlights & Bag Bundle (US only)

$889 $948

Buy an AWD Pro, an electric skateboard bag and Shredlights together and save $59!

US only



Meet our most powerful hub motor skateboard yet. With 2160 watts (540 x 4 hub motors), AWD-Pro is designed for fast braking, acceleration, and the ultimate in control. This exclusive bundle saves you $59 and includes a complete AWD-Pro, Shredlights, and a skateboard bag. Get a great price on three of the best electric skateboarding products when you buy them together. The AWD-Pro is our #1 skateboard for going uphill. The all-wheel-drive setup allows this board to climb a grade up to 35% (standard on our other boards is 25%). Our test scenarios awarded this model as the best electric skateboard for heavy riders, as its powerful hub motors are more efficient with heavier loads.

Specially designed by Meepo for Meepo Board skateboards, you’ll love the snug fit of this electric skateboard bag. It’s designed for boards 38” or 41” and comes with two convenient pockets for safety gear, GoPro or even a drone. Buy our Meepo bag for the ultimate on-the-go electric skateboard bag.

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