Electric Skateboard Bash Guards


Bashguards are the #1 protective gear on electric skateboards for the board, not the rider. Meepo Board electric skateboard has handpicked our favorite bash guards to give our riders the best selection of electric skateboard accessories.

Customer Reviews

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Bash guards

Overall great to have but the fit allows some water in underneath. Have to keep removing to keep the board dry.

Meepo V3

The worst part was the wait to receive the board, the Meepo v3 has meet and exceed all my expectations. I love it and wish I could ride it more often, living in Minnesota the winter is a long time :p .
The only thing I have to say is to order the 100mm wheels when you get the board, I'm already seeing small cracks in the polyurethane, however minor I've only put a few miles on and I wish they would have come with 100mm stock.


Get a bash guard for your electric skateboard. Skate and store your electric skateboard using bash guards to protect your skateboard deck from unintentional damage.

This is a Bash Guard to protect the your Deck from damage when hit on a curb/wall. Fits best on 38" size deck, you will get 2x Bash Guards.

Tailored to be best size for Meepo Boards 38" new deck.

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