Full Face Helmet Removable Chin DOT Certified for ESK8


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  • Nobleman ESK8 Full Face Helmet Removable Chin  DOT Certified
  • Versatile, detachable lining, detachable chin combination helmet / four seasons universal/full-face helmet variable half helmet / increased windshield, the wearer of myopia glasses can also be worn without affecting
  • Housing: High-strength ABS, durable, wear-resistant, lightweight; lining: breathable, detachable, wearable all seasons
  • Size: suitable for head circumference - M (57-58cm), L (59-60cm), XL (61-62cm), a helmet, two states, full-face helmet, half helmet casual switch, let you enjoy two forms and Comfortable.
  • The helmets meet DOT certification requirements and each batch of helmets is quality checked to ensure you get the highest quality and best experience. It is your need for ESK8 riders, EUC, ,and more.
  • There are a number of optimized vents for maximum cooling; ultra-light materials make you more comfortable when wearing a helmet.
  • Size: M. L.XL

Men's Full Face Helmet Anti-fog Double Lens Helmet Flip Safety Helmet
Shell: ABS
Season: All season
Style: full face/half helmet
Dimensions: M (57-58 cm), L (59-60 cm), XL (61-62 cm)
Package Contents:
 1  helmet
After the helmet is dyed, wipe the stain with a damp cloth and then wipe it with water or polishing wax. Make the helmet feel bright. You can also use a special brightener for your helmet for better results.
Helmet interior cleaning
The detergent used is neutral and the shampoo is better. Do not use too much force when scrubbing the inside of the helmet, otherwise, the cushioning material will be deformed and the cushioning function will be lost.
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 The riding protective gear designed by Nobleman changes protection from passive to active. Daily protective gear protects us from injury when we fall, but it is inevitable that other vehicles or unforeseen situations on the road can cause fatal injuries to us. Therefore, all Nobleman protective products will use cool patterns with REFLECTIVE WARNINGS. this way our protection will be changed from passive to active, and the protective gear will have a unique style.