Hurricane DIY Upgrade Kit

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This upgrade kit contains reinforced components that came from the most frequent misuse-induced component failures.
Our R&D department brought the same tread pattern that our incredible Cyclone 165 had onto the new 175*50mm AT tires, bringing this new wheel our own Meepo flavor as well as real functionality. The new DKP baseplate and DKP connector both utilizes CNC machining, and by stress-testing them, we found out they are at least 50% more durable than the forged versions.
On these CNC truck plates and conectors, we use 6061 aluminum alloy which is 3 times stronger to replace the A356 aluminum alloy.
Package includes:
  • 2*CNC DKP Baseplate

  • 2*CNC DKP Connector

  • 2*New Belt Cover

  • 4*Custom Tread Meepo 175*50mm Tire

  • 4*Enhanced Tube Thickness 175mm Inner Tube

Each order also comes with the following for free:
  • 1*Set of 4 High Rebound Pivot Cups

  • 1*Set of 8 M5 30mm Skateboard Bolts

  • 1*3.0mm Allen Key