MEEPO Voyager + Free Cyclone 105s Wheel Set
The Voyager has the most torque provided amongst every competitor of its class. Acceleration, Hill-climbing, Braking, all empowered smoothly through the very same Hurricane LY-FOC ESC, this time coming in at 55A of total combined current draw. With this much torque, you can easily setup the board with the included 32T wheel pulley and our optional* accessory,  Cyclone 110s, to reach real-world top speeds over 60km/h.

The skateboard package comes with 2 sets of pulleys and belts that are compatible with both Cyclone 110S wheels and 105S wheels. Therefore, you do not need to purchase any additional pulley belts.
For more info,please chaeck the FAQ below to learn more.

Voyager - 50.4V 4.5A Fast Charger
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At a Glance

40 Mph Top Speed

(In Ideal Condition)

Long Range 

 31 Miles /49 km

46% Hill Grade 

Conquer Steep Hills

4 Riding Modes 

Beginner to Pro

12S3P Molicel P42A 

544 Wh

Next Level Riding Control 

On acceleration and brakes

Dual 6358 BLDC Motor


Smart and precise

The Ultimate All-round Board 

The MEEPO Voyager is the King of street boards and is the first E-skate that has everything you need, all in one package. It accelerates quicker than most all-terrain boards with real-life tested specifications of 40 mph top speed and 31 miles of range, completely separating it from all other street boards. It's truly the fastest in its class, all while being much easier to carry than all-terrain boards.

Next Level Riding Control

The Voyager is now Kieran's (the founder of MEEPO Board) favorite board. The Voyager is built for riders who are obsessed with the thrill of instant acceleration with the original longboard carving style & street wheels. 

Monster Board of Torque and Maneuverability

The Voyager easily outperforms every other belt-driven street board in torque and maneuverability. It has an insane 2.5s to 25kph acceleration time and can go uphill at 32kph on a 15% steep hill. Braking to a complete stop from 25kph can be done within 6 meters. These phenomenal next-level riding controls are all there for you to explore.

Premium Bamboo Deck

The Voyager longboard deck is 38'' with bamboo and tri-axle fiberglass, built with quality in mind. We've been improving on this bamboo deck since 2018 when we first invented it on the MEEPO NLS models. 

The Voyager bamboo deck is flexible and comfortable for long-distance cruising while also being stiff enough for thrilling riding with aggressive acceleration and brakes. It also comes stock with excellent vibration absorption and a responsive carving experience of a classic longboard.

Keep Going, Stay Cool 

Keep riding the way you like! When riding Voyager , we say no to any over heating issues or power limits. The battery and power train are more than enough, even for the aggressive and abusive riding style. The newly designed super 12S3P battery of Voyager X will stay cool all along the ride session of 31 miles! Heavy riders of 330 lbs, enjoy the ride and go uphill as fast as you like. Say goodbye to range anxiety and power shortage. 

Compatible with Cyclone 110mm Rubber Wheels

With the newly released Meepo Cyclone 110mm rubber wheels, you can ride on sand/gravel/mud/grass/concrete roads and feel just as comfortable as all terrain boards. The Voyager rides more like an original longboard, carving smoothly and pumping smoothly and in style. These wheels are at the top of their class, being highly absorbent to bumps and cracks. Riding with these wheels is highly recommended and a great addition to your Voyager.


                                       MEEPO Voyager


31 miles / 49km

Top Speed

29-40 mph / 46-64 kph

(*Test Condition: 110mm Cyclone Wheels, wheel speed: 88, full battery, flat road.)


2ply Bamboo + 2 ply fiberglass cloth

Deck Dimensions


38.6" x 10"

Hill Climbing



12S3P Molicel P42A 544Wh


M4S or M5S

Motor Power

2772 Watts x 2


Forged 50° RKP

Charging Time

50.4V4.5A Fast Charger: 3h

Max Load

150kg / 330lbs


90*60mm Poly-Urethane


23 lbs/ 10.8 kg

What‘s in the box ?

MEEPO Voyager

User Manual


Fast 4.5A Charger

Cyclone 105mm Wheels set
32T Pulley and 245-5M Belt
36T Pulley and 255-5M Belt
M4S or M5S Remote

In order to provide a better experience, we listened to a lot of players' opinions, the remote changed back to M4S so that you may receive M5S or M4S,if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us


How long will the shipping take?

* United States: Shipped from California . Delivery in roughly 2-6 business days after commencing transport

* EU: Shipped from Germany(will be available on Oct.10th ) or China(air shipping).  

*Other: Shipped by sea or air from China:

1.  35-60 business days by sea(Freight is free in most countries)

2. 5-15 business days by air.(shipping fee will be required)

Why there is no update on my parcel tracking status?

Tracking status goes live when your board lands in the destination country, until then, it remains “in transit”.

Can I reach the top speed and get the best range when I ride?

Our data was measured under ideal conditions. Factors affecting your speed and range are the rider's weight, terrain, wind resistance, temperature, speed, and brake mode.


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