Are you ready to UPGRADE your summer?

The one thing we enjoy more than riding around on our Meepo boards is creating innovating new products that make eskating even more fun. With the release of the Meepo Shuffle S (V4S), the Meepo Mini 2S and the Meepo 105mm Donut Hub Motor Kit, we are confident that we did just that. Read on and find out how you'll be able to experience an even more comfortable, stable and fun riding experience.

The best just got even better - the Meepo Shuffle S

Our best selling board just got even better. We are very excited to announce the Meepo Shuffle S (V4S) which comes equipped with 5th-Generation Hub Motors bringing you even more of the power, efficiency and quietness that you’ve come to expect from Meepo. Additionally, the Meepo Shuffle S (V4S) comes equipped with our brand new 105MM Donut Wheels offering a more comfortable and smoother ride.

 A big upgrade to a mini board - the Meepo Mini 2S

The Meepo Mini 2s, packing all the power and performance of its predecessor, comes with new and improved hub motors making it easier to remove and replace the sleeves. This board is fully compatible with our brand new Meepo 105MM Donut Wheels which will bring more comfort and stability to this powerful, 30-inch short deck board.

Upgrade your ride - Meepo 105mm Donut Hub Motor Kit

Do you ride a V4 (ER),  MINI2 (ER), V3 (ER), V2 or NLS Pro? Well, this kit is for you! Upgrade your Meepo board today and feel the excellent shock absorption of our 105mm Donut Wheels. Providing a comfortable ride and stable riding experience, these wheels are 105mm*65mm and the kit includes: 2 front wheels, 2 motors (with sleeves), and one truck.

If you're interested in purchasing just the 105mm Donut Wheels (without the Kit), you can do so here. They are compatible with the Meepo Mini 2S.

Let us know what you're most looking forward to about these new wheels. Tell us in the comments below what other feature and product upgrades you want to see for your Meepo boards. Check out the Meepo Board YouTube channel, Instagram account and Facebook page for all of our latest updates.

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