Navigating the Road Ahead: Meepo's Transparent Journey from V1 to Super-V3S

Navigating the Road Ahead: Meepo's Transparent Journey from V1 to Super-V3S

Dear Meepo Community,


From our first wheel's spin to the latest ride, Meepo's mission has been unwavering: to bring innovation, quality, and community-centered electric skateboards to the world. Today, we invite you on a transparent journey through our product evolution, sharing the highs, the learnings, and the passion that propels us forward.


V1 to V3: Humble Beginnings to Stellar Rides


Our journey started with the V1, an introductory foray into a burgeoning electric skateboard market. By the time we reached the V3, our identity as a brand had solidified. Thanks to your invaluable feedback and our dedication to using genuine materials, the V3 became synonymous with affordability and quality. This was our pact with you: to consistently offer unparalleled riding experiences.


V4 & V4S: Refining the Ride


Post-V3, the V4 and V4S represented our quest for refinement. We took what you loved about the previous versions and enhanced them. These models weren't about reinvention but perfecting the Meepo experience, and staying true to our commitment to quality.


V5: A Bold Step and Valuable Lessons


With the V5, our ambition soared. We wanted to push boundaries, and we did. Yet, with that came unexpected challenges. The initial batch faced motor cover detachment issues. We thank our vigilant community for pointing it out. By March of that year, we had rectified this concern, ensuring all subsequent boards were up to our standards. We also acknowledged the complications some users faced with the motherboard-motor connection. Every hiccup is a lesson, and with the V5, we learned, adapted, and grew stronger.


V3S: Homage to Our Roots


After introspecting on our journey and understanding the community's feedback, the V3S was born. An embodiment of our early values combined with modern technology, the V3S is our way of saying, "We remember, and we continue to innovate."


A Promise Renewed

Our voyage from V1 to V3S wasn't just about creating electric skateboards. It's about forging relationships, understanding needs, celebrating successes, and navigating challenges. Your feedback has been our North Star, guiding, challenging, and spurring us on. As we accelerate into the future, our pledge remains: to offer you not just a ride, but an experience, filled with trust, quality, and shared adventures.


Onward and upward,

Team Meepo

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