Continuing Innovation, Leading the Way: MEEPO BOARD at IFA

Continuing Innovation, Leading the Way: MEEPO BOARD at IFA

This year, Berlin IFA again took center stage for tech enthusiasts and companies worldwide, showcasing the latest consumer electronics products and technologies. As part of this grand event, CEO Kieran of MEEPO BOARD was on site to demonstrate our latest electric skateboard.


Kieran is riding Aurora 




Ryan is Introducing Hurricane Vader

MEEPO BOARD has always been an innovator and leader in the electric skateboard industry. Our skateboards have consistently been known for their high quality, outstanding performance, and innovation. At the exhibition, Kieran introduced our latest electric skateboards, Many attendees eagerly joined the queue to try out the electric skateboard, anxious to experience its allure firsthand. This hands-on experience not only showcased the skateboard's excellent performance but also allowed people to feel the joy and excitement of riding.


Visitors try riding V5

In addition to showcasing our latest products, MEEPO BOARD's participation at the exhibition provided an opportunity for attendees to learn about the future direction of electric skateboard technology. We emphasized sustainability and environmental consciousness, pledging to continue advancing in these aspects in our future products. This commitment reflects our concern for the environment and our sense of social responsibility, garnering positive responses from the audience.

 MEEPO BOARD will continue to innovate and launch more thrilling electric skateboard products, bringing more fun and convenience to skateboard enthusiasts.

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