Meepo NLS Pro

$649 $709
  • Pro Range - 20 Miles
  • 30% Power increase than NLS
  • Pro Top Speed - 34 mph (55 kph)
  • 6 months warranty

Product Update

ESC:  LY-FOC 30H. It allows the board to be maneuvered much more precisely.
Remote: M4S Remote
Updated September 25, 2021.

Why NLS Pro?

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We obtained this performance with our riders weighing 75-85 kg

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The max speed was reached by our riders. Their weight ranges from 75-85 kg.

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High Quality Deck

We are using the best bamboo available in China.

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Acceleration from 0 to 30kmh (19 mph): 5 seconds. Distance to total standstill from 30kmp or 19kph: 10m or 32 feet

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We provide you with a 6 month warranty from the day you receive it.

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It reduces your carbon footprint, good for your health and a way to enjoy commuting.


New NLS Pro

Stand rack


M4S Remote

Silver bashguards

Board Charger

Skate tools

DC Cable

Charger cable 

USB Cable for iPhone/Type-C/Micro USB

Meepo NLS Electric Skateboard - Under Deck and Above Deck Side-by-Side View - See All the NLS Parts

More Details of NLS Pro

Learn more about NLS Pro

Our most comfortable electric skateboard yet, the NLS Pro has been upgraded for speed and performance. Take your electric skateboard game to the next level with Meepo NLS Pro. This is the board for riders who have high standards both in terms of comfort and power. This board can handle up to  34 mph / 55 kph rides for up to 2 hours. It’s our fastest skateboard yet.
This fierce board comes with upgraded ESC and the Meepo ER battery standard, along with the latest remote, the M4 remote. Its upgrades make this the best performing Meepo Board yet. Or as electric skateboard blogger Samuel James says: “It's a serious rival for Boosted in terms of comfort and it easily out-specs other boards more than twice its price.” This is also the reason why leading Eskate Youtube Influencers such as Talon Sei and Fabi have given it excellent reviews (scroll down to watch the videos). 

The 38” longboard electric skateboard is an awesome length for taller folks, or those looking for a longer electric board with robust capabilities. Our NLS Pro is one of the best electric skateboards for going up hills - up to 30% grade and this powerhouse can climb hills with riders up to 300 lbs (136 kg). The NLS-Pro, our fastest model, is built for speed and power. The board comes with 100 mm front wheels and shredder trucks with tall bushings to absorb shocks, and shredder trucks with tall bushings to absorb shocks. The bamboo deck can reach 19 mph (30 kph) in just five seconds. The brakes are also built tough, with the ability to stop from 19mph (30kmh) in just 32 feet (10 meters). Experienced riders recognize that this board is an incredible value for electric skateboarders looking for the fastest and most comfortable electric skateboard.

What our riders say?