Our mission? Make electric skateboarding accessible for everyone and encourage electric skateboard use as an ecological solution to transportation needs.


Why an electric skateboard?

Electric skateboarding is one of the fastest-growing modes of transportation. Why? First, the cost. Electric skateboards start under $300, have almost no maintenance costs, and can get upgraded over time. Second, electric skateboarding is a very convenient way to commute to work, school, and beyond. Who wants to be stuck in traffic, smashed into a crowded train, or show up to work drenched in sweat from biking? An electric skateboard can change your commute from a nightmare to a fun and eco-friendly sport. Third, it’s just plain fun and everyone can use more fun in their life.

Why Meepo?

Meepo is one of the first to manufacture high quality value-driven electric skateboards. Founded by Kieran Mao, the company thrives on innovation, passion, and quality. All Meepo boards are handcrafted on-site in Meepo’s Shenzen factory. Over 120,000 Meepo Board riders in 70+ countries have fallen in love with electric skateboarding.

How did it all start?

In April 2017 Kieran Mao, Meepo’s founder and CEO, built an electric skateboard for himself and showcased the board on YouTube. He was working as an engineer and hoped to get the attention of retailers for some B2B business opportunities. Instead, his video caught the attention of electric skateboard fans worldwide and soon Kieran was swamped with orders. As the demand for his innovative boards increased, Kieran left his engineering job and created Meepo Board. 

Meepo Board is Born

After founding Meepo Electric Skateboards (named after the Dota character), Kieran launched Meepo Board V1.5. Electric skateboard fans loved its uniquely designed concave deck, and the V1.5 immediately became a bestseller in the US. The demand for his boards further increased and viral marketing across platforms further boosted the order volume. This allowed Kieran to start hiring a dedicated and qualified team that has been growing since day one. Meepo Board is headquartered in the Chinese high-tech hub of Shenzhen, just across the border from Hong Kong.

Meepo Board Today

Today, less than two years after selling the first board, there are more than 120,000 Meepo riders in 70+ countries around the world. The team is growing every month and has recently been joined by a number of American and European marketing professionals and consultants. Meepo Board is always innovating, with its R & D department introducing several new models a year. Recently, the company started to organize group rides in many cities around the world and also co-founded the International Eskate Day which took place for the first time on June 16, 2019.

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